Wanting a job in PACU

  1. I am currently applying for a job in PACU that I really would love to do. The only thing I think that might be a draw back to them wanting to hire me is I have been doing home health nursing the last year and the previous 3 years prior to that I worked on a med surg floor. I have always heard that PACU likes nurses who have ICU experience. Does anyone have any tips that might help me better my chances at getting this PACU position?
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  3. by   KathConservRN
    you do not necessarily need ICU exp. Just apply everywhere.
  4. by   NurseJR08
    I went to the PACU straight out of nursing school, but i think i might be an exception. I did my senior year rotation in the PACU so they already knew me. However, I think while most places prefer ICU experience, there is a need for PACU nurses and they are starting to hire (at least in my experience) more nurses without ICU experience. An idea might be to go do ACLS and PALS since you will need that to work in the PACU anyway and it could help you get a PACU job if you already have it!