Transfer to PACU?

  1. I've spent time shadowing nurses in PACU and like this type of nursing. I was under the assumption you couldn't get into PACU without ICU experience and so I got a job in an ICU upon graduation. I've completed orientation (almost at my 6 month mark from when I joined the hospital), but now I wonder how long I need to stay on the ICU before I can transfer to PACU without burning any bridges. Is it another 6 months or would you go longer, if so, how long? I plan on staying within the same hospital system so it's not like I get the orientation and leave entirely--just switch units. Thank you for your opinions/advice in advance.
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    If you like it, stay 6 more months in the ICU. Then seek a transfer to PACU.

    That way you have experience in 2 specialties!