Sooo close but so far =(

  1. Just venting here. After a year out of school and working med/surg and tele, I realized about 6 months ago that PACU is where my nursing heart belongs. About a month ago I interviewed for a PACU position and although I felt it went great and really thought I had a chance, I heard nothing back, even after placing 2 calls to the unit manager. =( oh well. I still love the thought of PACU and pray to work there someday!
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  3. by   GHGoonette
    What feedback did you get from the UM? Did she/he actually tell you the post had been filled?

    If unsure, contact the HR dept and ask them if the post has been taken. If it has, just be patient and carry on accumulating experience. From what I've gathered, preference is frequently given to nurses with ICU or Critical Care experience (although that's not the case where I live) so if you get a chance to work in either discipline, grab it and try again for PACU once you've got that under your belt.