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  1. hello. i am a nursing student and observed in the cath lab recently. i observed an angioplasty (patient was getting a stent placed in left anterior descending artery). anyway, i'm working on my OR write up and have a few are patients monitored and managed for fluid and electrolyte balance, oxygenation, acid-base balance, and circulatory status before/after/during surgery. for fluid and electrolytes, is it managed and monitored by IV fluids and taking blood values? how is oxygenation monitored? i know it was managed with 2 liters nasal cannula. is acid-based monitored with blood values like BUN and creatinine? and lastly, is circulatory monitored w/ pulse oximetry? if you could offer and input, i would greatly appreciate it! thanks and have a wonderful day!!
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  3. by   rn1978
    preop patients are monitored by lab values if required such as chemistry profile, during surgery, patients are monitored by heart monitor, pulse oxymetry. The acid base is monitored by obtaining blood gases via the radial or femoral artery. Swan ganz catheters are also used to monitor fluid balances in the critical care patient. But in the cath lab usually monitoring will be done by labs, blood gas and heart monitoring. If they go to PACU, this is continued. Hope this helps, I am sure there are other RN who can contribute to this as well.