Question about PACU

  1. I am travel nursing, a job is submitting me to a facility...I have tele experience with some PCU. Initially they said tele nurse, then kinda threw in postop/endo...I don't think that I cannot not do it...I have good assessment skills, etc...when I talk to the hospital I am going to make sure I clarify...PCU and not PACU. We get postops from PACU all of the time.

    Just looking for feedback...
    Something that is doable?
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    If it's like a Phase II/Ambulatory Surgery post-op/23 hour obs type unit then you'd be fine. I wouldn't attempt to take on PACU as a traveler without PACU or ICU experience. The acuity and expectations of the PACU on the RN are VERY different from PACU to PACU. Things such as ventilators, swan ganz, a-lines, nurse driven extubation, etc.