getting pts for OR

  1. I am trying to write rewrite a policy/guide line for our PACU on safety.

    Problem- OR anesthesia has asked us to help them by going after the pt. when we are called in on call, so the OR staff can set up for the surgery. Not a problem. The problem comes in when they want us to go get the next pt.for them before the 1st one is out of OR. This can put us out of Pacu when 1st pt comes in with only 1 RN in Pacu to get pt (against our standards) or the MD states he will stay in Pacu with 1 RN and send other to floor to get pt. Also, if pt is in surgery hallway before 1st pt gets out of OR who is responsible for this pt? We have a small PACU with 2 RN's on call and the OR staff has 1 RN (or 2 for big case) and 1 tech. Any ideas?? ( Our manager has told us not to go after 2nd pt, but I would like any ideas how to address guidelines/policy).
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