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  1. Hello,
    Just recently passed PALS cert class and now looking to get into PACU because friend of mine keeps telling me how much I will love it. He says it has half the stress of ICU (which i am currently in) and most nurses enjoy PACU plus 10 hour shifts instead of 12 hour. Still want to keep per diem spot in ICU as fall back option but definitely looking to do per diem in PACU. Any thoughts on best way to get into PACU? I have contacted my agency companies I am signed up with and one told me they occasionally will accept ICU nurse without experience if they are super busy or under staffed. Just curious how others got into the specialty.

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  3. by   Brewer,RN
    How much ICU experience do you have? I had 2 years before I went to PACU, and 2 years was the minimum for my hospital. At my hospital they require the ICU experience, because if you have a patient that's supposed to go to ICU and the ICU is full or not staffed, you have to hold that patient down in PACU until they get a bed in ICU.