1. Just curious as to how often other PACUs have their curtains laundered. I honestly do not even think that we have ours laundered twice a year where I work. Is there a standard as far as infection control is concerned?
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  3. by   beachgirl26r
    i don't think our curtains have been washed in over a year! we are currently in the middle of a renovation-and the sheetrock dust is all over the place. i'm the nurse whose ambulatory surgery center has no housekeeper during the day! i'll take dirty curtains over the fine white dust anyday. i worry about my patients and the staff. we're sneezing all the time. i can't imagine our infection rates are going down.
  4. by   All4Seasons
    Just saw this thread...imo,and I've said this,the bedside curtains are the DIRTIEST thing in a hospital,after the floors. If I had $.05 for every used, gloved hand I've seen touch a curtain...

    In fact,I'm going to email by nurse manager and ask her what the cleaning/change policy is....
  5. by   Zoe's Mom
    Great thread! So thought-provoking! One of the nurses I worked with in a previous PACU took specimens and grew all sorts of 'bugs' in petri dishes! She was not 'authorized' to do this so the info was not well recieved! However, management did make a few changes!