Criteria for d/c using Aldrete

  1. What aldrete score are you using to determine readiness for discharge, if that is your criteria?

    My facility is currently saying a 7 or > is OK for d/c. I've worked in two other places where it was 8 or >. It seems to me that an aldrete of 7 can be too low for someone going to the floor, depending on which assessment parameter lowered the score.
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  3. by   debthern
    our score is 14 to be discharged
  4. by   maggie77
    Aldrete has a max score of 10. For inpatients, we use 8. Outpatients must be 9.
  5. by   debthern
    we actually use an expanded aldrete that has a maximum of 14 and they have to reach 14 unless we have a doctors order.
  6. by   yankeecamper
    I have seen the scale you are refering to. It is more specific to outpatients isn't it?
    We use the modified aldrete score, where the max is 10. When I look at the criteria, a sleepy but arousable person, with no leg movement yet for an epidural or spinal pt, and wearing O2 to keep sats > than 90% could be a 7. (They must be able to DB&C, and have B/P within 20%) Do you discharge these patients to the phase II or inpt units like this?

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