Advice on finding different PACU job

  1. OK, I love PACU. I have worked PACU for a number of years, and have great reviews, lots of experience, and certification (CPAN). I have an issue, and probably need to leave my unit. However its really hard to find a new PACU position. It seems as though most hospitals in our area hire for PACU internally and because its a place most folks would like to work the postings are never external to the public. That said most places will skip an internal hire, and hire you if you show to be a better choice, which certification and experience help out with, since most internal hires have NO perianesthesia experience.
    How then, do you find the PACU openings? I am looking for a new 12 hour PACU job in my area, but like it said, SO frustrating. So many of us get good in this specialty, but are limited in our opporitunites because of this issue Advice?
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  3. by   SueC56
    I would suggest making direct contact with managers at the hospitals where you might want to work. Just because they don't post the job to outside, it doesn't mean they can't hire from outside (at least at our place).