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Pacific Union College

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I am applying to the RN-ADN program at PUC for FAll 2015. I wanted to know how hard it is to get into the program. I don't seen an other threads discussing this topic only LVN-RN posts. I am most likely going to go the 2-step route which is after getting licensed, you have to go back to complete a post-licensure BSN. Deadline is in a couple days and I am still scrambling to put my package together.


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Hello There Nursebot,

I too have applied to PUC LVN-RN class. I heard that they wll notify all applicants by mid June. June cant come any faster. Im so nervouse. Have you applied to any other schools? Have you heard of any body that goes to PUC? I had a co worker that just graduated from PUC and loved it.

Hey! I'm applying this Sept for the RN-ADN program and am SUPER nervous. I don't have the best grades and scored pretty low on the TEASV. I'm hoping they accept me anyways.

Chelle2020, LVN

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@ae1021 hi! I’ve seen that you were accepted into Puc. How was the program? I am still waiting for the acceptance letter. Were you able to work during the program?