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Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2020-2021


I haven't seen any threads about the 2020-2021 applicants, so I figured I'd start one! Has anyone received their acceptance letter?

I didn’t receive a letter due to the office of admissions being closed but I did receive an email at the end of March, I didn’t know until someone from the office texted me and asked if I had any questions.

I only received acceptance via email, but not mail due to the school closure. I am starting the fall semester.

Congratulations, me too! I thought that we were going to notified in the Summer if we got accepted or not. I’m excited and nervous, LOL.

Thank you, congratulation to you as well. Yes, I am nervous too and a bit surprised that we received notice of acceptance so early.

Do you happen to know what is next?

No, I do not. I am still waiting for my gap analysis evaluation because I am coming from Concordia University nursing school. I emailed -------------------- twice, but so far no response besides the first email of acceptance to nursing school.

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I hope she emails you soon, I still have to pay for my enrollment fee and hopefully I’ll get an email with more details. 🤞🏼

After you pay your enrollment fee, you get your student email. Plus you have to send in some medical records.

When did you guys receive the emails? I still haven’t received anything yet.

Yes, I got an email on March 27th. In the email it said that I’ll get a letter in the mail later this Spring. I didn’t know that I got accepted because the email had gone into my junk mail. So make sure you check both.

I also received my email in March. Check your junk mail as well.