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Pacemaker question

by gogrady gogrady (New) New

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Saw a pacemaker last night that initiated at higher heart rates around 80-90 but would stop at lower heart rates less then 80. Can anyone explain why this is the case?

MunoRN, RN

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There are a number of things to consider when troubleshooting a pacemaker; what are the settings (VVI, DDD, etc), what is the AV delay, does the patient's PR interval vary slightly by HR, what is the sensing threshold vs sensing output, etc.

It is not possible to know from your description, however, I suspect that you are seeing the pacemaker respond to a rise in the atrial rate which then causes it to pace the ventricles at a matching rate. One would presume that if the patient is in complete block the pacer would also activate if the resting ventricular rate fell below 50-60 or whatever the low setting is.