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PA NSG Legislative Alert:Immediate Call to Action Needed re Senate Bill 1208

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info received from urgent psna legislative email alert 10/2/02

senate bill 1208

was to be voted on by the senate rules yesterday morning (10/1), however no vote was taken. insider information is alerting psna that a vote could take place today. sen. connie williams would like to add an amendment to sb1208 that would place two physicians on the state board of nursing. this amendment would impact all rns in pennsylvania! it is imperative that all nurses contact members of the rules committee, especially if you are a constituent of one of the senators who sit on that committee. nurses who are a constituent of sen. connie williams (d-17, montgomery county) need to contact her immediately concerning her proposed amendment. rules committee contact information...

sen. connie williams

717-787-5544 (harrisburg office)

610-992-9790 (local office)


in another development yesterday rep. pat vance was successful in amending language into hb 2338 to allow pas and crnps to do health assessments for welfare eligibility. this bill now goes to the senate. contact your senator and ask him/her to support house bill 2338!

the language follows:

section 2. section 405.1(a.3) of the act, amended may 16,

21 1996 (p.l.175, no.35), is amended to read:

22 section 405.1. establishment of reset.--* * *

23 (a.3) an applicant or recipient may be exempt from the

24 requirements of subsection (a.2) if any of the following apply:

25 (1) the applicant or recipient has been assessed by a

26 physician, certified registered nurse practitioner, licensed

27 physician's assistant or psychologist as having a verified

28 physical or mental disability which temporarily or permanently

29 precludes the applicant or recipient from any form of employment

30 or work-related activity. the verification of the physical or

20020h2338b4371 - 2 -


1 mental disability shall be established by written documentation

2 in a form prescribed by the department and shall be based on

3 acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques, rather

4 than a statement of symptoms by the applicant or recipient. the

5 department may also require the applicant or recipient to submit

6 to an independent examination as a condition of receiving

7 assistance. an applicant or recipient with a verified physical

8 or mental disability that is temporary in nature must pursue

9 appropriate treatment as a condition of receiving assistance.

10 (2) the applicant or recipient is a specified relative

11 caring for a child who is under six years of age and for whom

12 alternate child care arrangements are unavailable.

13 (3) the applicant or recipient is under eighteen years of

14 age. an applicant or recipient under this clause shall be

15 required to pursue a high school diploma or a certificate of

16 high school equivalency.

17 * * *


updated information received and reprinted from morgan plant

now for some good news! the senate rules committee voted early this afternoon to report sb 1208 out of committee with the one amendment that we had agreed to, which sen. mary jo white (r-venango) offered. the vote was 14-0.

also, senator connie williams (d-montgomery), who apparently heard from a number of nurses today, has decided not to offer her amendment to add two docs to the board of nursing. good work you all! now, will sen. williams constituents please call her to thank her for withdrawing the amendment and ask her to please vote for the bill when it comes before the full senate for a vote -- which i hope, but can't be sure, will be next week.

please continue to contact your senators and ask them to vote for the bill, without amendment. thanks for all of your help -- today we made it through another hurdle.

morgan plant for the pa coalition of nps

senate contact information...


state legislature passes flurry of healthcare related bills, check out legislation listing for updates

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Why wouldn't you want a couple of doctors on the Board of Nursing? What function would they have? What's the problem?

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