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PA is now part of Quick Results!

I was checking Pearson last night to make sure my appointment was made and I noticed on the boxes of my two NCLEX-RN tests (that I failed), that I could pay the $7.95 to view quick results! PA has never been a part of Quick Results before. I am so excited for when I take it for the third time (november 22), I won't have to wait weeks to find out! YAY! :monkeydance:

NurseyBaby'05, BSN, RN

Specializes in Neuro/Med-Surg/Oncology.

How soon do you find out w/Quick Results? I took my test in November on a Thursday afternoon and found out I passed on the PA BON website by that Saturday morning. If the timeline is the same, I don't see paying $7.95 to line someone else's pocket.

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