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PA hospital owned by Americore Health LLC had employee paychecks bounced nine times since August 2018

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BEWARE of working for this hospital corporation.  Kudos to staff continuing to work without pay to keep this small rural hospital functioning. Hoping that payroll issue now resolved. Karen

January 16th, 2019 -Beckers Hospital review.

Pennsylvania hospital employees work without pay

ELLWOOD CITY (KDKA) — Employees at Ellwood City Medical Center in Lawrence County say the new hospital ownership is cutting worthless checks to pay them.



Several disruptions to payroll at Ellwood City (Pa.) Hospital have been reported in recent months and employees haven't received their paychecks due Jan. 4, according to the Ellwood City Ledger.

The hospital, owned and managed by Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Americore, failed to issue paychecks due Dec. 21 until Jan. 4. At that time, Americore CEO Grant White said the delay was due to a backlog in collections.

In a memo sent to workers and obtained by the Ellwood City Ledger, Mr. White said the collections backlog is being rectified and paychecks will be issued Jan. 18. By that date, employees will have gone two weeks without pay.


January 22, 2019: The Times

Investigators still trying to determine if financial crimes occurred at Ellwood City Medical Center



ELLWOOD CITY — The owner of the Ellwood City Medical Center took out two open-ended mortgages on the hospital a few months ago totaling $6.5 million, but still was unable to cover paychecks for the last three payrolls, the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office has reported....

..In addition, United Healthcare dropped its health insurance for medical center workers on Dec. 1 due to nonpayment of premiums, but workers were not informed until Dec. 15, the report said. Americore has since offered a temporary health insurance for this month, but workers have complained on social media that the coverage is poor compared to what they had before. White said in a memo that Americore plans to offer its own self-insurance as of Feb. 1, but no details have been released on the plan....



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