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Oxnard area for travel

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Anyone worked in the Oxnard area hospital(s) as a traveler (L/D or other) How is the area? Is there public transportation or need a rental car? Any advice or gossip?

I live in Ventura. I would highly recommend having a car out here.


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I grew up in the 'Nard! SoCal is definitely a car culture. Here is the website for the local bus system, which I remember as being pretty good. Home But having your own car is definitely better. Plus in Ventura County, the parking situation is nowhere near as awful as in LA.

You're far enough north there that the ocean is COLD even in the middle of summer, so fair warning. Definitely DO buy strawberries from the roadside stands, they're cheap and utterly delicious. And if you like beautiful old churches, go find Santa Clara Catholic Church, which has an amazing altar and paintings on the ceiling. And go eat at Pepe's Mexican food down near Silver Strand beach. Scrumptious tacos and giant surfer burritos! I hit that place every time I visit the 805. :)

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