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Overseas RN working in US as an RN

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Hey all,

I started working as a RN in January in a pre-surgical ward here in New Zealand. By mid next year I hope to have my post-grad certificate in nursing. I am wanting to have overseas nursing experience (preferably in the US) from mid next year for maybe about a year or so.

 I just want to know if anyone on here knows what it’s like to work in Washington, California, Oregon, and Hawaii?

Has anyone else made the move from NZ (or anywhere else in the world) to these States?

I am interested in pre-surgical, ER, cosmetic or school nursing. Are there any recommendations as to where is good to work?

And also, what exactly do I have to do to be qualified/certified to work in the US? 

All responses will be highly appreciated!

Cheers :)

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The difficulty is getting visa allowing you to live and work in the US. Process going through the state board of nursing website can be long before you get eligibility to sit NCLEX 

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