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Out of State New Grad

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Hello Everyone!

I am currently a BSN student in Missouri. I would love to work in a trauma setting in NYC after graduation, however, from what I've heard, it's all about who you know. Growing up in St. Louis and moving to Mid-Missouri for school, I don't know anyone in NYC! I have a 3.8 GPA, no CNA experience, extern experience in a trauma ICU (level 1 trauma center in Missouri), and will have a 200 hour preceptor/practicum within an ICU or ED. Also, I'm bilingual, if that helps, since NYC is such a mosaic of cultures! I will graduate in December of 2013. Is there any chance that a NYC hospital would even be interested in hiring me as a new grad? I am particularly infatuated with Mount Sinai Medical Center. Should I stay in mid-Missouri and gain experience for a year before applying? Would they even be interested in hiring me then? Or is it worth the risk to apply as a new grad? Any guidance would be much appreciated! :)