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Out of State Master's Direct Entry Program, or stay in CA?

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently a pre-nursing student, about to finish up my BA in Public Health from a 4-year university and taking pre-requisites to soon apply to Master's Entry into Nursing programs. I currently live in California and would want to work as an RN in California after attending the Master's entry program. However, I am debating whether or not to stay in California for the program. The only out of state schools I'm considering are Columbia in New York or Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and all the rest are in California.

Has anyone had any experience obtaining their Master's Entry in Nursing, or other types of Nursing degrees out of state, then immediately being able to come back to California to permanently practice? I'm looking for any insight before I actually choose to apply to those two out of state schools! Thank you! 🙂

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