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Our Lady of the Lake traditional BSN nursing program spring 2015

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Has anyone else applied to Our Lady of the Lake traditional BSN nursing program for Spring 2015?

Has anyone heard how many applicants applied?

Does anyone know what the average gpa and hesi scores were for past accepted applicants?

I heard that someone read there were several hundred applicants for this program, that makes me nervous!

Thanks and good luck everyone!


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They not accepting any more applicant for fall 2015

I applied for the spring 2015 traditional nursing program, and the deadline to apply was July 15 (a few weeks ago).

What do you mean they are not accepting applicants for fall 2015, where did you hear that? Thanks!

I don't know about for Spring, but I heard they accepted somewhere around 60 for Fall 2015. My GPA is a flat 3.0 but I have a Bachelor's and ICU nurse aid experience (exempt from HESI because of that, so I don't know what scores they are looking for). They flat out told me in the interview that they were looking for people that would make good nurses, not just good students. Sooo I don't know if you got in already, but maybe that's an explanation of how people got in, at least the non traditional way.