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OUCN NP Program

Hi everyone! I'm about to start my second year of OU's BSN program and am planning on applying to their FNP program in December. I am wondering if anyone who is currently in the NP program or has recently completed it has any insight on the typical candidate they accept. I know experience is recommended at most schools, but OU does not require it and I would like to know what the chances are of getting in without RN experience. I have been employed as an ANT at Mercy Hospital since May, with a nursing GPA of 3.46, and also plan to work as an RN while going to school in order to get extra experience (flex/part-time, depending on if I am accepted to the full or part time NP program). Any insider information/tips would be very helpful!

Thanks :)

While I am not in OU's NP program I heard it is a lot of papers to write. Also I heard that you can not work if you do full time schooling. Again all this is just hear say of what I was told.

Goodluck though!


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