Other options than buying the Teas V study Guide?

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Hello everyone. I want to take the Teas V for the first time this summer but I dont want to spend $40+ for the teas study guide. I've looked on craigslist,amazon, and ebay and eighter can't find the book or the book is being sold for so much more than on the ATI website.

I'm wondering if anyone studied for the teas in different ways other than using this study guide. I do have the McGraw-Hill study guide that someone emailed to me, but I dont know how helpful that will be.

I just finished A&P I and am about complete A & P II and Chemistry by the middle of July, so I'm hoping that will give me a firm grounding on the science portion. My biggest concern is the math, as simple as people make it sound

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)



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The math is basic high school-level stuff. A few algebra equations (very simple); some simple geometry (find area, perimeter, etc), meaurement, etc. But the majority are multi-step story problems using addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. There were also some problems where you need to utilize the Order of Operations (PEMDAS).

I think the people that struggle with this section are those that have not taken math in many, many years or that don't work fast enough because you can't use a calculator.

I have not gone beyond college Algebra and I scored in the 88% percentile. Just be sure you can do those multi-step problems by hand and you'll be fine.

Good luck!



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I took the TEAS V during August 2009 and didn't opt for the study guide. I think it is a waste of money. I used Google to find a sample TEAS test and reviewed the various sections.

There were some word problems where you have to use algebra to solve, but nothing more advanced than that. Be comfortable with decimals and fractions (converting both ways) as well as percentages. Be able to calculate area and perimeter and convert metric units.

As far as the science portion is concerned you should be in good steed since you have recently had A&P and Chemistry; I thought there were a lot of questions dealing with these subjects.

Don't discount the reading comprehension section either...it can be challenging under a time setting. Speaking of which, all sections are timed; therefore, you should practice under a time constraint as well.

Good luck! TEAS is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.