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OT: We Are Closing On A House


Specializes in Trauma ICU, MICU/SICU. Has 4 years experience.

In Bethlehem, PA. We are supposed to close end of November. Whoopee!!! This is our first home.

We have lived in NJ our whole lives, but would need a mortgage and a grant to be able to afford a home here.

I'll be 2 minutes from my school and about 10 minutes from the hospital I'll be working at.

I'm so psyched. Now all I have to do is get accepted to Northampton Community College Nursing.


Congratulations! How wonderful that you won't have a long commute, either. Good luck getting into the nursing program!

mucilage madge

I attended Northampton for radiology.

Rough program but nice school. Nice area too!

Lots to do in Bethlehem and neat historic area too. Moravian Book store and other shops on main street are so neat during the holidays.

Good luck in the new house and school.



Specializes in Trauma ICU, MICU/SICU. Has 4 years experience.

Just found out I was accepted for the Nursing RN evening/weekend program starting in January! :D

We close on the 25th of November. Can't wait to get rid of my NJ car insurance.

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