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OT: Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis


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Sorry, this is extremely OT, but...

I'm thinking of taking my wife to see Kenney Chesney in concert in Indianapolis in Sept for her 30th b-day and I was wondering if someone could offer me insight into the stadium. We don't have a ton of $$ (I'm a new grad and she's a stay at home mom and we're saving to buy a house in the fall!) so I can't get fantastic seats to this show. I don't want to get cheaper seats if they're not going to be any good, I'd rather come up with a better plan. Can anyone tell me how the seating in the upper levels would be for a concert?


I worked at that concert last year. As long as they open the roof you can hear the concert great from anywhere. You can see the concert pretty well from anywhere as well. The stadium is great.

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