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Should I contact OSHA?

  1. 1. Should I contact OSHA?

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I am a cna at an assisted living. I was wondering if it is ridiculous to report a complaint to osha. At my work we are pressured to do all the laundry, dishes, set dinning room, do activities, and on top of that take care of 55 residents that 80% are an AL 4. The level of care is outrageous and on top of that your being pulled in a million directions go do this go do that. The management focuses on getting all these other tasks done and clean instead of resident care. As a CNA I want to give the best care to my residents because they deserve that and that's why I am really there. I feel like I can not give them good care because if I do not rush with them I cant clean and do all the other chores otherwise I will be yelled at by management. Would this be a reasonable complaint to make to OSHA? Or who would turn to

Also I've already tried talking to management and they do not care.