Ortho wasnt what I was expecting

  1. Hello all! I recently started applying at the area hospitals for a new grad position.Honestly Ortho wasnt my first choice. However, I was offered a position on a M/S Ortho unit. I have worked on this unit as a CNA and have had specialty rotations to an ortho unit at another hospital as a student. This unit is great and the staff on this unit are wonderful! I am thankful to have a position there but I'm kinda afraid of it. As a CNA this was always the "hard" unit to be floated to and even in school I was always paranoid that I wasn't positioning the patient right or not able to help manage there pain well and I am afraid of traction. In a way this is my worse area in nursing. I am up to the challenge and look forward to working there but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for an ortho review or any good websites that I can use. Any suggestions would be great!

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  3. by   Straydandelion
    Late replying and you may have already found it, but this is a good place to start:
  4. by   smilealot
    Thanks! I hadn't come across it yet.
  5. by   Straydandelion
    You're welcome, and I loved working Ortho, hope you enjoy it also.
  6. by   smilealot
    Thanks! I really am looking forward to it and the people on the unit are all great and am very glad that I get to work with them.