Second interview tomorrow, with ortho/surg unit manager. what should i know!!!

  1. The current job market in my area is tough. I've managed to make it to the second and final interview at a hospital. The position is for an ortho/surg floor. I'll be sitting with the unit manager of that floor for an interview tomorrow. i'd appreciate any help on what i should know going into this second interview. I know general interview guidelines but i wanna be a good candidate for the ortho/surg floor
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Don't try to pull wool over eyes. If you don't have much ortho/surg experience, be honest about it, and (if true) express your sincere interest in learning more about it because .... and what you've done to learn more about it already. You have, haven't you? Tell them you'd be happy to help out by taking whatever shift they offer you, and don't mention that it's a long commute or your plans to move on to CRNA school as soon as decently possible.

    In short, be glad you might have a job offer, and act like you know how lucky you are to have it.
  4. by   T-Bird78
    Exactly. Be honest and be you. Smile and relax. Good luck!!!