Ortho neuro new grad

  1. Hi , I have interview (new grad RN)with the ortho neuro unit manager at scottsdale healthcare.any tips???
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  3. by   Dumplins
    well, this might be specific to MY interview. cause i recently had one for an ortho unit. they were really pushing customer service. healthcare is getting patient oriented now. not so much "let me take vitals, here are your meds. need anything? no? ok bye" *on to the next patient

    especially true for ortho. what you'll deal with a lot is pain management. so get your views/opinions on pain management ready. maybe throw in some talk on non-pharm pain management.
    the job consists of lots of moving and lifting. probably shouldnt touch much on it, but maybe just be aware and make it clear that you're ok with it.
    and stress time management. push your organization and time management skills. that pretty much is a given for any nursing job.
  4. by   bujalo
    Thank you Dumplins.I will try my best. I really need this job.
  5. by   jahra
    Good luck on your job interview!