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  1. Hello fellow Ortho Nurses!

    I currently work on our Ortho/Joint Camp unit and have volunteered to put together a INTRANET site for staff to use for patient care. This is a different site than a public one as it's only accessed through the intranet at work and will be more focused on staff usage than anything else. Because I work straight nights, I don't find myself having to search high and low for policies/procedures, education, etc. I know that things like this would be beneficial to have in one place on the new site for all staff to access easily rather than searching for precious minutes trying to find something.

    I've sent out a mass email to the unit staff, but would like further input from other ortho nurses. What do you find yourself searching for in order to provide better patient care? What kinds of things would you appreciate on a staff-centered unit-specific website?
    Any input is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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