Book recommendations on orthopedic nursing??

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a new grad nurse on an orthopedic floor working night shifts. I finished orientation and have been on my own for a month and a half. I learn a little everyday with practice and asking lots of questions as I go. I feel like I am behind the people who are in the same cohort as I am who work days. There is a lot of things that happen during the day which gives you a lot more experience, but for right now nights is a better fit for me. Does anyone have any recommendations on resources/books I can get my hands on to further my knowledge on post op care like certain precautions to avoid, what to watch for within a period of time for certain surgeries, diet restrictions and when diet advancement can be made, and nursing care in general? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  3. by   Devon Rex
    Hello jlp9!

    First off... congratulations on becoming a nurse!

    Second... see the profession as your journey, not a competition. Concentrate on improving your skills and learning from every experience (whether yours or someone else's).

    Third... if you are looking to learn more about Orthopedics... log on to AAOS Even though it's for Orthopedic surgeons, you can find valuable information under their "Education" tab. Explore!

    Best wishes!