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Orlando Health

Hello fellow nurses,

I am newly licensed LPN that currently resides in Miami. I've been job hunting for about 2 months with no luck. There is a job at Orlando Health's Winnie Palmer that I want soooooooo very badly. Although they did not have any specific qualifications such as experience on the advertisement, I know that I am still one application out of so many. So I need advice.

What can I do to make my application stand out? Is there anyone on this site maybe with any connections who could help me out? Any one know the Nursing recruiter? I'm just playing the waiting game and my anxiety is through the roof.

Any suggestions, advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I know exactly which position you are referring to :smug: because I've been looking at it too! lol I'm a new grad RN and did clinical rotations there. My practicum toggled between postpartum and the nursery..heaven! I loved being there but when I found out they had just let go of 40 nurses I didn't even bother applying. Most of the girls there got their jobs because someone on the inside recommended them. When I left everyone was all flustered about the new flex shifts and Orlando Health has recently instituted pay cuts. Despite all that I really hope you are able to get the position! If you aren't IV certified you might want to consider it if you can afford to. I don't know the nursing recruiter but I've taken to calling them for silly little questions that I always hope will lead to a positive conversation. Like, I put in my application and I was just wonder how long it usually takes to hear back? Also, you might want to move the tread to FL nursing. Best of luck!!


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