Wage steps

  1. what is a step 1, 2, 4 in regards to union pay contracts......i have 7 years in nursing...is that step 7? thanks......
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  3. by   jack4408
    I just got a new job and I have 4 years and they told me that I was step 4, so I'm assuming it's 1 step per year.
  4. by   KristiePDX
    With zero years of exp you are on step one. So if you have 7 years under your belt, you are on step 8. There is no step zero, so you are always one step above your total years.
  5. by   jack4408
    Hmm.. I kinda wondered about that. I wonder if I got put on the wrong step. Do you happen to know what the rate for step 5 is?