Questions about Sumner vs. Traditional Rn route

  1. HI ALL! I am currently a medical assistant wanting to become an rn. I am not sure if i should go the traditional route and do prereqs and apply to one of the portland nursing programs or go to sumner and finish in two years. Id like to get my BSN and I know I can only do that with certain online programs if i went to sumner. I would really like to hear from Sumner students about your experiences with going to school there and where you work now. I am worried if I go to Sumner, I will not be able to work just anywhere I would like to becasue of it being a for profit school. Thank you!!
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  3. by   pinky77
    Hi MJ1911 - I've been looking into Sumner and was curious if you chose a program?

    Thanks - Pinky