PCC number of nursing students

  1. Does anyone know why Portland CC is only accepting 62 vs 80 students for fall 2017?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I know nothing about this program, however, there are many reasons a school might change the number of students accepted. It could be any number of reasons- faculty limitations, clinical placement limitations, and any other reason.
  4. by   Kwakle
    Just finished the program at PCC. In the last 2 years, they have had a few instructors retire. I heard it's difficult to find new ones to replace them. Most of the community colleges in Portland have reduced the number of students allowed into their nursing programs. For example, when I had my interview at clackamas community college 2 years ago, they had gone down to 20-25 students from 40.
  5. by   Nurseinmyblood
    Thanks for your response. How did you like the PCC program ? Difficult? Any students dropout along the way. I'm an alternate and I'm waiting to hear about possible acceptance

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