Oregon or Washington?

  1. Hi,
    I am very new here.
    I plan on moving to Oregon or Washington next year.
    Could somebody answer my questions?
    First I want to know what the minimum pay is in these two states as an R.N. (I have nearly 5 years working experience. )
    What if I lived in Oregon but worked in Washington, do I still pay state income tax?
    Also, can anyone recommend a good area/community to move to in Portland?

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   oregonrene
    The larger hospital systems around here are Providence and Legacy. Their websites will tell you exactly what they are paying nurses.


    There are also other hospitals like Portland Adventist Hospital - http://www.adventisthealthnw.com/por...ployment.shtml
    and Kaiser - http://www.kaiserpermanentejobs.org/...-northwest.asp.

    If you live in Oregon but work in Washington, yes you do have to pay the 9% state income tax.

    There are lots of great communities in the Portland area. A realtor would probably be able to better help you with regard to commute, schools, property taxes, etc.