Nervous about proctored essay portion.

  1. hi all,
    was just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding lcc's essay portion of the nursing program? i will find out if i get to take the essay portion this coming monday, and i'm terrified! becoming a nurse is everything to me and i just want to do my best. i have the points that were required but it's still nerve racking. any advice would help me immensely.
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  3. by   AnonymousNurse45
    Which college does LCC stand for?
  4. by   AnonymousNurse45
    I had taken a proctored essay for OHSU, and while I cannot give you exact information on the questions, I will give you a very general tip.
    Try to think of all the things your job interviews had in common. The essays are kind of like job interviews, only you are interviewed for a program (plus your written communication skills are evaluated).
  5. by   Gemini64
    Thanks! LCC stands for Lane Community College.
  6. by   AnonymousNurse45
    Ye, I was wondering if it was Lower Columbia in Longview.........