Nclex results on hold

  1. I recieved the followong message from Pearson vue customer service chat: "Periodically, NCSBN will conduct investigation(s) into candidate results. The rationale for such investigations can be numerous. There is no specific time frame for the completion of these investigations. Therefore, NCSBN is currently unable to honor your request for the status of your results. NCSBN appreciates your patience and understanding at this time"

    Anyone else get this? And if long were your results on hold?
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  3. by   NewgradNurse88
    My results have been on hold since september 29th! currently dying also!
  4. by   Aanntastic
    Update: mine finally changed to pass after 8 days and immediately had my OSBN license number the same day as well.
  5. by   NewgradNurse88
    8 business days or weekends as well? did you ever find out the reason you were on hold?
  6. by   Aanntastic
    8 total days. I took the exam on 9/14 and on 9/22 received a letter in my email with my license number. :-) No reason was given. The test shut off at 185 and just under 3 hours. So not excessively long or short. The only abnormality even remotely possible Le was I took a break, and the examiner tried to pause my test (I wasn't aware you could pause it) when I came back she said "it wouldn't pause because after the next question is the scheduled break". I selected I didn't want to take a break and continued.

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