Got a job,,,finallly

  1. yeah I accepted an ER job at Albany General Hospital, full time. I start March 1st. I graduated in sept. 09. I joined ENA to meet people and made phone calls and personal contacts, plus lots of apps. Also took a casual position at the local urgent care to start getting RN experience, it all helped. No the market isn't desireable right now, but keep trying. I have very little patience but I endured, and it helped I was still working fulltime at my fire dept. job so I had money coming in, different story for those of you who are not employeed totally. Melissa
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    Congratulations!!!! Are you going to have to relocate?....aaaannnnndddd are they still hirring......I graduate in June.
  4. by   melissakp
    No I already work in Albany and live 30 miles away. They usually only hire exp. nurses but they have a new grad program that will be accepting apps soon. I think. Good luck