Determined more then anything to be an LPN or RN

  1. Hey there everyone I need some advice! Like mentioned above Im determined more then anything to become an lpn or Rn. Just finished my Cna and test on monday. I am currently working on pre reqs at Chemeketa cc in Salem. I find my Chemistry class really hard, im barely getting by! At chemeketa you have to take Chemistry before taking anatomy & physiology. My thought is since im struggling with chemistry maybe I should apply to a technical lpn program like sumner, pioneer, or concorde. Reading the posts on here someone put that its fairly easy to get into mthood cc's lpn program? I would love to attend a community college lpn program as it would be less expensive but also if it takes me more then one try to get a decent grade in pre reqs thats not really saving any money just wasting time. What are your guys' thoughts? Giving up on a nursing career is not an option btw!
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