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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in posting their points for CCC. I have 56.8/70 and was wondering how competitive my score is. I couldn't find any discussions about 2010 CCC points anywhere. Thanks everybody!
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  3. by   pdxMHT
    I am going in with 59 points. I believe 54 points was the cutoff last year to get an interview.
  4. by   entiznerico
    I have 55.52 for CCC.
  5. by   AnonymousNurse45
  6. by   AnonymousNurse45
    Applicants to PDX area Nursing Schools 2010

    you can find more postings on people's points there
  7. by   skorpngrl
    I applied to CCC with 58.86 pts.
  8. by   tiffinapit
    I applied to CCC with 55 points.
  9. by   EFreyer
    58 Points.

    Anyone received letters for interviews yet? I'm dying!
  10. by   2010_student
    I got an interview invite today...
  11. by   EFreyer
    Congratulations!!! Do you mind posting how many points you had? I'm sure you have probably already written it somewhere, but I can't find it.
  12. by   2010_student
    Thanks! I am actually going to decline the interview (I tried to withdraw my app earlier, but I guess it wasn't in time). I can't remember my exact points- somewhere in the mid-high 50s?
  13. by   pdxMHT
    I just found out today I was offered and interview with 59 points.
  14. by   tiffinapit
    I was offered an interview with 55 points today...:-)

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