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Is anyone applying to Chemeketa's nursing program for 2012? Does anyone have any tips who did well on the essay last year??... Read More

  1. by   lastchance56
    Wow, so essay grading was so very tough. Right on the heels of hearing I didn't get into the accelerated nursing program at OHSU, I found out I'd done well on the CCC essay. I will tell you I am totally surprised. I wasn't the first one finished, nor the last. But when people started leaving, the pressure ramped up. I had not had time to practice or prepare so I was surprised to get the full 50 points!
    But, and here's the tip, I've been applying all over the place since I really need to start this Fall due to my age. I don't have the luxury of waiting a few more years. As a result, I've done probably 20 essays for other colleges. It's likely all those prepared me for CCC's essay. So the 'practice, practice, practice' tip is a good one I think. I was told CCC would give feedback {just like OHSU did for me}. I'd recommend asking for that. It might have been as simple as a grammar error or noun/verb agreement. I'd been told the committee looks at sentence structure equally as the content. Basically they wanted to see if we can write coherently. The fact that all of us were within a few points tells me we can. I'll bet content wasn't it. Feedback may tell you what to practice for next time.
    Additionally, there will be a lot of folks with perfect scores. Now that they've discontinued the McMinnville campus program, I'm not getting my hopes up. I've been accepted so far at one college out of state. I'm waiting for more answers. It would be nice to stay local have to go where life calls you. Have you all thought of applying to out of state colleges? Most states have more open spots than Oregon.
  2. by   stacey25
    Good job lastchance56 and good luck!! I was wondering if you don't mind sharing, what is your total points for your Chemeketa application?
  3. by   ssm25
    I would agree, I feel correct sentence structure/grammar etc. is a big part of the essay score. Also, following directions. It would be worth it to find out if you can get some feedback if you are struggling with the essay. I applied last year and got a 48/50, but I knew what I did wrong--I didn't address a part of the question as well as I should have. I got a 50/50 this year. I wish everyone luck this year! It is so hard to work for so long and not get in. I have thought about applying out of state if i don't get in this year as well--anyone have any suggestions?
  4. by   ssm25
    Has anyone heard when they expect to send out letters? they were earlier this year getting score sheets out. I am so nervous!
  5. by   2Lively
    I am in the same boat as many of you. It seems like they scored the essays differently this year. Has anyone hear yay or nay yet? Good luck to those that applied for Fall term!
  6. by   Timeless evolution
    Does anyone know when the school is going to mail out letters? I checked a forum similar to this from last year and those people got their letters June 4th. The anticipation is killing me. I've been checking the mail everyday
  7. by   ssm25
    I've heard nothing... going crazy waiting and checking the mail. Good luck!!
  8. by   Kns2
    I have been checking everyday as well! I heard they could be here at earliest this week but possibly the week after!
  9. by   waters8580
    The waiting is so very hard. So many hopes and dreams hinging on those letters. Have mercy on our souls and please send those letters!
  10. by   aff0718
    Hey guys, just wondering if everyone is as antsy as I am to find out whether they got in or not. I got a 355, I'm so upset with myself. Lost the five points in the essay. I wish you all the best of luck!
  11. by   aff0718
    Hey where have you heard you information, just a little curious, I had seen on the the mychemeketa site that it may be at the end of June. I may be wrong though.
  12. by   Kns2
    Someone I know called the school to ask. It will be at earliest this week but could be next week!!! Good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   Kns2
    Has anyone heard different? It's almost the end of the week and I haven't seen anything in the mail!