Best New Grad Places to Work in PDX?

  1. Hi All,

    Graduation is rapidly approaching, and so is my job search! I'm looking for work in Portland, OR (Med-Surg), and I'd appreciate any feedback on great places to work.

    One of the most important items that I'm looking for is a hospital with a really great new-hire/new-grad internship program. Any suggestions from ya'll would be appreciated.



    PS - I'm sooooo looking forward to getting out of school and resuming normal life with a paycheck. This poor student thing is getting really tiresome.
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  3. by   Spatialized
    While I may be prejudiced, so far Legacy's new-grad program has treated me very well. I had 6+ weeks of orientation, plus am doing ongoing classes for my unit. I know from looking around that Adventist, Providence and Tuality (Hillsboro, OR) all have dedicated new-grad programs, but it seems there are limited spots with many folks applying for them.
    Good luck...

    BTW, welcome to Allnurses!
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  4. by   KristiePDX
    St Vincent has treated me well. I had a 12 week orientation. I am also in a new grad cohort that attends skill sharpening seminars and other educational classes. I also had a $5000 tuition forgivness for signing on for two years at providence (not just my unit).