Accelerated A&P Sequence- Summer '17 @CCC

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was so excited to learn that Clackamas offered the entire A&P sequence this summer as an accelerated option. I knew that PSU has been for awhile- but couldn't stomach paying their price tag on top of everything else (I already have my Bachelor's from there, and paying off loans still... so not interested in giving them MORE money , especially if I have other options!).

    Is anyone else doing the A&P sequence this summer at CCC? (Or anyone who has done it before?)

    My hope is to be able to apply to an accelerated program this Fall for a 2018 start.

    A little more about me: I'm a divorced single Mama to 2 boys, and non-traditional (currently 37, and decided to take the plunge!).

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