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Oregon job outlook?

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I recently received my Oregon RN license by endorsement, I'm looking to move there in the spring possibly. I like Portland but would prefer somewhere near or similar to Eugene or Bend. I will have a little over a year of experience from the same facility, on a sub-acute rehab wing of a LTC facility. How is the job outlook throughout the state? I've heard Portland is very hard but I already got an offer for a dialysis center there it just wasn't the right timing. I would like to move into acute care but just can't at my local hospital since nurses with years of experience can't even get an interview there unless they "know somebody." Is it unlikely to find/land a hospital job anywhere in Oregon?

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How long did it take for a license?

The outlook is the same as every other place. Its who you know; not what you know. Acute care is a club in itself. I did trauma ICU and really it was sink or swim old boys club that consisted mainly of girls ( I am a guy).

Remember that there area also long term ICU/rehabilitation hospitals as well. Acute is fine, but if you want to break ground that might be a place to start.

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