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Oregon BON


Hi All,

I am not a traveler but I am thinking this might be the best place to pose this question. We recently moved to Oregon. I am originally from Canada, I completed a diploma program there and came to the US with reciprocity. I took my NCLEX exam once I got into the US so I could move around more freely within the states. I have been licensed in 7 different states and completed my BSN in the US.

Oregon BON says I must get my Canadian schooling credentialed by CGFNS to the tune of 350$.....even though I have a BSN that was completed in the US.........I also have been a nurse here for 20 years. Sounds odd.......but if that is what they need, so be it. However, when I call CGFNS they say they have never heard of credentialing a diploma after someone has a BSN and completed NCLEX.

I hate to through out $350 just because someone had some wrong information when I called to BON.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Try calling again and perhaps bump it up. Repeat what cgfns said.