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OR Residency/New Grad Programs (CA)

rnbelle19 rnbelle19 (New) New

Hi all!

I'm a BSN student in California, graduating in December. Before nursing school, I worked in the OR as a Ortho rep, which is what motivated me to go to nursing school to become an OR nurse.

I'm wondering if anyone can share with me any new grad programs or residency programs specifically in the OR that are in California. I have little interest in starting in med/surg or any other specialty.

Thanks in advance!

If you're still living in the same region where you were a rep, then I'd use my contacts and network and see what hospitals around you are hiring circulators... if that is not the case try keeping your eye out for job fairs. Good luck. Keep studying, the finish line is in sight...

Thanks! I don't still live in the same area, but close by. I'm definitely using my contacts for opportunities in that area, but I'm willing to move almost anywhere in the state, so I'm just curious what else might be out there! Thanks for the advice and encouragement :)


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Sutter health does one or two each year around Sacramento and the bay area.