Optum "partnership"

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I am a case manager in the ambulatory/primary care setting who is part a a small community hospital. This week they announce a partnership with Optum. They will be taking over other revenue cycle depts like analytics, some billing etc. The inpatient and outpatient case management, transitional care CMs will be moved to Optum employment, supposedly staying in place in our roles. I can't wrap my brain around how this will work . I had a horrific experience with Humana prior to this job so I am worried. Anyone have this happen to their facility?

This scenario happened at my last company. It can definitely be scary but I think in this case you are mostly just getting a paycheck from Optum now and you will continue to fulfill all the same duties set by the hospital/clinic, not Optum. 

I know this was a couple of months ago, so how are things going now?