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operational ward


hello to everybody, i'm an italian nurse graduated since April of this year. I won a selection for an english hospital, near Birmingham. The agency sent me the ward where i'll work and it' s the operational ward. Searching on internet, it's more likely that i'll be in the operating room or something related to operations, but i'm not sure about it.

I write this post with the hope that someone can tell me if i'll work as perioperative nurse or in a surgical ward in the floor. Thanks for the future replies

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If you are to be employed by the hospital, NHS or private, you must by law be given a contract of employment. This will state what your working conditions will be, what your hours will be and what your salary will be. It should also tell you where you are working. It should tell you if the job is theatre or ward based - 2 different specialities. If you are employed by an agency you should still have some kind of contract but you may be more mobile and work on a where and when needed basis.