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Operating Room RN working in Canada?

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So I am an OR RN who has worked for 3.5 yrs with my BSN, (also M.ED) but given the state of things in the US, I'm considering getting out and moving to the apartment above. I have experience mostly in Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery but I'm reasonably comfortable with Plastics, Abdominal surgery. I know that the CAN health care system is different and who knows if this would be permanent or just 4 years. I made about $90k US last year and I've heard stories about higher taxes, (still having to pay taxes in US too) but I want to know from current CAN nurses. Also that being a desired career for Canada's big population push. Comments/Concerns/Thoughts?


Has 13 years experience.

I would think that having solid experience in a specialty would definitely be a big plus. Starting point would be looking into the immigration process and applying to the NNAS.

Immigration and license transferring is the biggest hurdle. If you have enough experience, you won't have a problem getting a job (OR nurse is in high demand where I am at) but each province have different pay levels so check that first before deciding on a place to live in